INPRESEC (Intelligent Predictive Security) – Network and end-point security. Detects anomalies in behavior, security threats and attacks. Exploring the paradigm shift in Information Security and Privacy with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Novel approach to cyber security to predict the most likely cyber-attacks and to plan optimal preventive and proactive cyber-security defensive measures.

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You may want to have a look at other projects and solutions. These research and development focuses are on cybersecurity and software security aided by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI):

  • Glog logoGlog – Making software more secure. Project is focused on research and development of a solution that can give remediation advice for security vulnerabilities in software code based on context. What is more, it is capable of automatically fixing those vulnerabilities. We are developing such a solution based on machine learning and AI. Agility in software security is becoming a reality.

  • SP logoSecurity Predictions – Uses various parameters and input data from a set of internal and external sources, analyzes them and, through a set of our proprietary algorithms, gives probabilities of possible threats and attacks. Some of inputs: technology based, security and risk based, threat intelligence, exploits, web analysis, economic, financial, social, psychological, geostrategic, political, crowd-sourced security intelligence.

  • vSOC (Virtual Security Operations Center) – Uses INPRESEC and Glog solutions, together with Security Predictions and other tools for building and operating virtual Security Operations Center – vSOC.